About Us

Jacaranda Land Development is a family business offering commercial rentals in Bellingham, Washington.

Our storefront and office rentals are found in historic Fairhaven, a neighborhood on the southern edge of Bellingham. Originally the commercial center of the town of Fairhaven, this village thrived in the 1890s and features grand brick buildings in the architectural style of the era. After incorporation into the city of Bellingham in 1903, business moved north to present day downtown Bellingham, and Fairhaven became largely abandoned.

Beginning in the 1970s, Ken Imus set out to revive the area by remodeling abandoned and vacant buildings. Over time, these architectural gems were restored and Fairhaven grew into a model for urban renewal. The area is a popular tourist destination and continues to thrive.

In recent years, Ken has focused his efforts on Blaine, Washington. Located on interstate 5 at the Canadian border crossing, Blaine is gaining momentum as a commercial and tourist destination for visitors throughout the area.